Research Activities

Innovation in the Surgery Research Center at Mayo Clinic is focused on patient care. Therefore, almost all projects in the center are aimed at improving surgical treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Focus areas include:

  • Breast cancer, including innovative devices that improve breast reconstruction outcomes after surgery
  • Cardiac surgery, with new devices that enable less-invasive surgeries and accelerated recovery
  • Critical care, such as devices that improve surgical drain function and reduce drain replacement procedures, and devices that optimize oxygen delivery in and out of the hospital
  • Esophageal cancer, through development of devices that allow for less-invasive procedures with fewer complications
  • Neurosurgery, with innovations that allow for noninvasive assessment of eye (ocular) nerve activity during deep brain surgery
  • Pediatric and congenital defects, including creation of a surgical device to effectively treat esophageal atresia and dramatically reduce recovery time and complications
  • Trauma care, including development of a unique indicator to gauge successful decompression needle placement in real time
  • Vascular surgery, through innovations in endoscopic vessel collection that minimize tissue damage and decrease graft failure rates
  • Women's health, including a device to gently handle tissues during laparoscopic surgery