The Surgery Research Center at Mayo Clinic uses a patient-centered approach to develop innovative technology to transform the future of surgery.

The needs of the patient come first

Physicians, scientists and allied health staff in the Surgery Research Center identify and address unmet surgical needs. By listening to patient feedback, studying surgical outcomes and understanding major challenges to providing complex surgical care, the center develops innovative solutions that directly improve patient care.

No patient should have to wait for a better solution

Every clinical and scientific innovator in the Surgery Research Center is partnered with a team of leading biomedical engineers, software developers or other experts relevant to their area of innovation. Whether a specific area of expertise is housed within Mayo Clinic or requires an external technology partner, the goal is the same: to create unique teams that accelerate the translation of research to patient care at Mayo Clinic and around the world.


Every project in the Surgery Research Center has the ultimate aims of:

  • Improving surgical outcomes
  • Making procedures less invasive
  • Accelerating recovery from surgery
  • Reducing complications


The mission of the Surgery Research Center is threefold. The center strives to:

  • Accelerate surgical innovation through agile product incubation and development
  • Perform comprehensive, value-based testing of products and procedures
  • Rapidly disseminate new, high-value, transformative solutions that address unmet surgical needs


The vision of the Surgery Research Center is to dramatically improve patients' lives by accelerating innovation and dissemination of effective and efficient products, procedures and care that improve surgical outcomes.