Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussions, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Course objectives:

  • Describe the epidemiology of concussions in hockey
  • Classify concussion prevention strategies: No fighting in hockey
  • Define the most reliable diagnostic concussion tests
  • Identify novel treatment methods to enhance concussion recovery
  • Integrate promising science and clinical care into action plans to address hockey concussions

Course highlights:

  • Leading concussion clinicians and researchers will present the latest developments in epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and future directions.
  • Summit content provides a scientific background for action, one of which is removal of fighting from hockey.
  • Attendees will help identify actions to prevent, manage and ultimately treat concussions in ice hockey.
  • Scientific advances that apply to all contact sports, ages and levels of participation will be identified.

ACL Workshop

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine and the Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory jointly operate an annual ACL workshop at Mayo Clinic Square in downtown Minneapolis. This workshop is intended as an educational series of seminars and interactive classrooms on the current state of the practice for ACL injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and research. The course is targeted for clinicians and researchers, but athletes, parents, coaches and athletic directors are encouraged to attend.

Vendors interested in participating or supporting the ACL Workshop should contact Shirley M. Kingsley-Berg, CCRP.

Mayo Clinic Symposium on Sports Medicine

This annual course continues to feature evidence-based and cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment strategies for sports-related and musculoskeletal conditions. The program is multidisciplinary, with expert lecturers representing a spectrum of sports medicine fields. Multiple educational formats are used, including case presentations, interactive Q and A sessions, as well as live demonstrations of physical examination, anatomy, ultrasound and arthroscopy.