Meet the Directors

Timothy Hewett, Ph.D., is the director of the Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory and Sports Medicine Research, and is a consultant within the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. In addition, he is a professor of orthopedics and has a joint appointment as a professor in physiology and biomedical engineering and in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. The diversity of Dr. Hewett's appointments as a principal investigator has allowed him to organize, execute and oversee large-scale investigations of in vivo, in vitro, and in silico kinetics and kinematics. These scientific investigations have been clinically translated into impactful advancements in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of athletic knee injuries, with particular regard to the anterior cruciate ligament. Dr. Hewett's previous experience and current position afford him the privilege to collaborate with many other professionals in fields such as biomedical engineering, rehabilitation, physiology, cell biology, orthopedics and other various allied medical professions. Dr. Hewett has more than 20 years of experience in biomechanics and sports-related research with over 300 peer-reviewed publications.

Michael J. Stuart, M.D., is the chair of the Division of Sports Medicine in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo Clinic and has a primary appointment as a consultant and professor within the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. He is the chief medical and safety officer of USA Hockey, a medical committee member and a medical supervisor for the International Ice Hockey Federation, consultant to the National Hockey League Players' Association, and the U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Team physician. Dr. Stuart is an expert in knee surgery, including arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, multiligament reconstruction, cartilage restoration, meniscus transplantation, patellar stabilization, osteotomy, and unicompartmental and total knee arthroplasty. His research interests include knee-related surgeries, ice hockey injuries, the epidemiology of sports injury and concussion prevention, diagnosis and treatment.