The SCAD Research Program at Mayo Clinic originated from activism by engaged patients, who initiated what is now a multidisciplinary collaborative research network. A group of women who had experienced this life-threatening condition found and supported each other and organized their research agenda on the online community of WomenHeart. Two highly motivated SCAD survivors, Katherine Leon and Laura Haywood-Cory, ultimately reached out to Mayo Clinic with a sophisticated agenda to advance the understanding of SCAD through research.

Recognizing this unique and unusual opportunity, the Mayo Clinic SCAD research team has endeavored since 2010 to advance not only the science and health care of women and men with SCAD, but to explore the novel role of social media in health care and research studies.

Mayo Clinic's SCAD Research Program is grateful for the support and participation of thousands of patients with SCAD, their families and friends, and particularly, SCAD Research Inc. for its support and advocacy to advance the science of SCAD.

Read the stories of the SCAD ladies whose activism initiated SCAD research at Mayo Clinic.

SCAD 2 Social Media as a Lifesaving Link