About the Program

The Spinal Cord Injury Research Program at Mayo Clinic develops innovative solutions to help people with paralysis, including:

  • Improving prevention and treatment of secondary complications of spinal cord injury, such as shoulder pain from overuse and pressure ulcers
  • Designing and implementing programs in health, wellness and quality of life, including virtual resources, nutritional assistance, and exercise and performance metrics
  • Investigating cutting-edge therapies for neurorecovery after spinal cord injury, such as epidural stimulation to enable volitional movement and lower extremity exoskeleton use

Strategic spinal cord injury research

People with spinal cord injuries face health challenges that affect their quality of life. Therapeutic strategies primarily focus on alleviating secondary conditions associated with paralysis; however, recent novel interventions have revealed the potential for recovery of motor function in this population. Investigators in the Spinal Cord Research Program at Mayo Clinic recognize that both approaches are necessary and important directions for future development and research.

Addressing current and future challenges

Health and wellness are important for patients' quality of life and for their future involvement in novel, emerging therapies such as epidural stimulation and stem cell trials. The Spinal Cord Research Program team is interested in forging new directions in health, wellness and novel therapies to help people with paralysis realize improved function and quality of life.

Positively impacting patients' lives

The Spinal Cord Injury Research Program is staffed by a team of expert and passionate clinicians and researchers who are interested in improving the lives of people living with paralysis.

Mayo Clinic's collaborative environment is ideal for conducting translational research that provides opportunities for clinical trials on wellness, novel device design, curative technologies and more. The Spinal Cord Injury Program works closely the Mayo Clinic Rehabilitation Medicine Research Center to improve health care and restore function and quality of life for people with a wide range of disabilities. A broad spectrum of innovative trials allows people with spinal cord injuries to maintain their health while gaining access to cutting-edge therapies of the future.