Rahma Warsame, M.D.

  • Resident, Division of Hematology
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine and Oncology
  • Kern Health Care Delivery Scholar

Research focus:

Patient-reported outcomes in multiple myeloma

Mentorship team:

What moment or experience in your life influenced your decision to be a clinician?

There was no specific moment, but a series of experiences that led me to pursue medicine. It was a combination of witnessing a physician make an impact for a dear friend with lymphoma, and the opportunity to have a career that combines humanism and science.

What motivated you to become a Kern Health Care Delivery Scholar?

My research interests have evolved over time and have become more focused on patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and quality of life (QOL). I wanted to be able to collaborate with other like-minded researchers and gain formal training in health care delivery. The Kern Health Care Delivery Scholar Program is an ideal way to learn the science of this type of research.

What is your focus as a scholar within the Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery?

My research focus is on developing patient-reported outcomes data and incorporating it into clinical practice, specifically for patients with malignancies. I would like to design clinical trials to understand how to best obtain PRO data and how to implement that data in the clinical setting.

My other interests include designing trials to better assess PRO to improve the quality of care delivered and creating survivorship clinics for patients with chronic malignancies, specifically multiple myeloma.

Tell us about your mentoring team.

I have been fortunate to work with an excellent team that is dedicated and supportive. They have taught me how to pursue research in QOL and health care delivery. All of my mentors encourage me to grow as a researcher, provide honest feedback on projects, and guide me to the professional and academic goals that best suit my interests.

How will your research improve patient care or impact public health?

My studies have the potential to improve our understanding of the evolution of QOL and symptoms patients experience as they deal with their malignancies.

Why did you choose Mayo Clinic to pursue your career?

Mayo Clinic provides an environment that is ideal for patient care and research. The camaraderie and support from esteemed staff is important in the development as a clinician scientist.