Health Policy Scholars Program

The Mayo Clinic Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery's Health Policy Scholars Program expands the center's ability to build knowledge and expertise from within the practice. This program is focused on developing the next generation of clinician leaders with an in-depth understanding of health policy. Instead of conducting research, scholars engage in an accelerated learning program with experiential and other tailored opportunities.

The one-year Health Policy Scholars Program will welcome its first cohort of scholars in July 2023. Scholars will be doctorally trained clinicians who are currently in residencies or fellowship programs. They will be selected through a competitive application process. After completing the program, they will serve as part of a formal mentoring network for future Health Policy Scholars.

Through this program, the center will:

  • Develop future clinician leaders with a broad understanding of health system governance and related public policy.
  • Provide scholars with experience analyzing health care delivery and policy issues through a system-level or population-level lens.
  • Build scholars' awareness of the entire health care ecosystem, including historical, current and emerging contexts affecting national policy.


Sarah K. Meier, Ph.D.