Support Health Care Delivery Research

Now — perhaps more than at any other time in history — our country gains strength from improving quality and reducing costs in health care.

The Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery unites physicians, researchers, systems engineers, social scientists and other experts who use their collective knowledge to innovate ways to improve health care and put those discoveries to work for patients everywhere.

The center's experts use data analysis, engineering principles and scientific rigor to define and develop evidence-based care models that enhance and extend the lives of patients.

Mayo Clinic has a moral responsibility to define and deliver the best practices in health care. Our physician leaders take a patient-centered approach as they translate new ideas into practical solutions for meaningful, long-term change, such as:

  • Identifying best practices in total knee replacement
  • Using telemedicine to connect neurologists with small community hospitals and clinics
  • Preventing infections during colorectal surgery
  • Reducing unnecessary procedures and complications
  • Preventing unexpected health decline for patients in the emergency department using patient tracking and monitoring systems

As a whole, the center's initiatives have the potential to save billions of dollars, save tens of thousands of lives, and prevent massive pain and suffering.

The center needs visionary benefactors who want their support to transform health care delivery for people everywhere. Join our quest to build and strengthen Mayo's legacy of patient-centered care.

Support health care delivery research