Internal Training

Education is part of the Mayo Clinic culture, which embodies a passion for lifelong learning as part of clinical practice.

In the O'Brien Urology Research Center, education focuses on integrating programs and opportunities to deliver training to present and future health care providers. Such education creates a knowledgeable team equipped to improve health care quality and patient outcomes.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to integrating proven research into practice by educating health care providers and patients about new diagnostic tools and treatments.

Annual retreat

The Mayo Clinic O'Brien Urology Research Center holds an annual retreat to review its progress. At this daylong event, each investigator gives a detailed presentation about their ongoing projects. At least one outside investigator is invited to participate and give a keynote address.

At this retreat, O'Brien Urology Research Center members are encouraged to think outside the box in order to forge new paths in their research endeavors. This forum also serves as an incubator to facilitate research interaction within the center.

Access agendas from the most current retreats: