Imaging Core

The Imaging Core provides dual energy CT data acquisition and analyses to support the O'Brien Urology Research Center.

Although state-of-the-art CT imaging provides accurate submillimeter details of the size and location of renal stones, current routine clinical image analysis doesn't differentiate stone composition. Dual energy CT technique, which is based on the difference in X-ray attenuation properties between stones of differing chemical compositions, has been shown to accurately differentiate between uric acid and non-uric acid urinary stones. These functions support our research projects and pilot projects.

Services provided by the Imaging Core include:

  • Dual energy CT scanning of ex vivo specimens or of patients
  • Dual energy material decomposition analysis to determine stone type
  • High-resolution image reconstruction and analysis to determine stone volume
  • Coordination of micro-CT scanning and data analysis with research collaborators

The director of the Imaging Core is Mayo Clinic scientist Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D., who is also director of the CT Clinical Innovation Center at Mayo Clinic.