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Mitochondrial diseases are a group of common diseases and conditions that affect the mitochondria, which are specialized compartments within cells that are responsible for creating most of the body's energy.

Hereditary mitochondrial diseases result from mitochondrial dysfunction through DNA mutation. Mitochondrial dysfunction is also associated with aging and age-related diseases, such as dementia, diabetes and cancer, through mechanisms that are not yet well understood. Mitochondrial diseases encompass a broad spectrum of diseases with various symptoms that may affect any organ in the body. Most common symptoms include seizure, stroke, memory loss, muscle weakness, cardiac problems, diabetes and hearing loss.

Both adults and children can be affected by mitochondrial diseases. There is no cure for mitochondrial disorders, but diet and medications can help improve outcomes and quality of life.

Mayo Clinic offers a wide range of clinical treatments and services for patients with mitochondrial dysfunction and diseases. Both patients and medical professionals can request appointments and referrals to Mayo Clinic.

Patients can be referred for evaluation and coordination of multidisciplinary services from providers in the Mitochondrial Disease Clinic within the Department of Clinical Genomics, based at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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