Three-generational family

Participate in Research

The Migraine Genomic Library research team is currently enrolling participants who experience migraine, as well as individuals who do not experience migraine. The current focus is on large families using new genomic techniques to investigate migraine.

Participants are needed with families that have:

  1. Ten or more family members who definitely have migraine and have 10 or more family members who have never had a migraine attack.
  2. More than one generation of family members affected by migraine.
  3. Migraine that arises from one side of the family but not both.
  4. At least one family member who is motivated to determine if his or her relatives are willing to:
    • Complete a questionnaire.
    • Sign a consent form to allow us to use their migraine-related information and DNA.
    • Provide five milliliters (5ml) of saliva. Five milliliters are about one teaspoon.

If you think that your family would qualify and be willing to help us investigate migraine, contact us at

Participation in Genomic Library Migraine Study