Application Information — Pilot and Feasibility Grants

Call for 2018 Pilot and Feasibility Program applications

The Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core requests proposals for funding during the 2018 grant year. These awards are intended to support projects that will provide preliminary data for new, extramural grant submissions. The review criteria will emphasize innovation and the potential of the project having a significant impact on an important research problem. Funds will be available for four to six awards with up to $50,000 in direct costs for each award. Any indirect costs related to these services will be covered by the NIH U24DK100469 Grant. The duration of the awards will be 12 months.


Applications are due no later than March 16, 2018, 5:00 pm (CST).


  • All basic, translational or clinical investigators located at institutions within the United States who are eligible to apply as a principal investigator (PI) for National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants may submit applications.
  • Early-stage investigators and investigators who are new to the field of metabolomics are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Investigators who have extensive use of metabolomics technology in their research program are generally ineligible for funding.


  • Maximum of $50,000 (direct) per award for metabolomics services via the Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core.
  • One year maximum funding period.
  • No carry-forward from year to year will be allowed.
  • No salary support is provided for investigator or investigator's support staff.
  • NIH application guidelines will be followed.
  • Consult with the Metabolomics Resource Core about budget estimates.

Application information

Earliest anticipated start date is June 2018. The same proposal cannot be submitted to multiple RCMRC sites. Multiple submissions will be accepted and reviewed separately if scientific content is clearly distinct.

Applications must include the following components and use the PHS 398 continuation format page. Please include the following:

  1. Cover letter. Include project title, investigators and affiliations.
  2. Abstract. Provide a one-paragraph summary of the project.
  3. Layperson summary. Include a two- to three-sentence summary that can be understood by a lay audience.
  4. Specific aims. Include a one-page outline of your project goals.
  5. Research plan (five-page limit). Provide specific aims, background, significance and rationale for the use of metabolomics (include isotopes to be utilized, sample handling requirements and opportunities for future intellectual property or commercialization as appropriate), impact, preliminary results (if any), and experimental approach.
  6. References. List any references cited.
  7. Biographical sketches. For each PI and co-investigator, please use the NIH Biosketch Format.
  8. Budget and justification. Include a budget (maximum limit of $50,000 direct cost per application) and justification. Please use the PHS 398 Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period.

Please bundle all application documents into a single PDF file. Submit the file via email to, and indicate "Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core P&F Application" in the subject line.

To discuss whether your needs can be met in the proposed time frame, please contact:

Mass Spectrometry

Ian R. Lanza, Ph.D.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Petras P. Dzeja, Ph.D.
Slobodan I. Macura, Ph.D.

Review procedure

All applications submitted will be internally triaged by Mayo Clinic RCMRC Steering Committee for technical feasibility and compliance with the above requirements and formats. External reviews will use the NIH review scoring criteria and scores. Final funding decisions will be made by the national RCMRC Executive Committee.

Review criteria will include the following:

  • Alignment with goals of program
  • Scientific merit and innovation
  • Likelihood to support novel research questions that leverage the skills of the Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core
  • Likelihood of future extramural funding
  • Feasibility within time and budget proposed
  • Qualifications and scientific environment of the investigators
  • Priority will be given to projects that have samples ready for analysis

Reporting and tracking of impact

Progress reports will be required at the end of the funding period and yearly for two years after the end of the funding period. Information tracked will include the following:


If you have questions about grants or the application process, please contact:

Ian R. Lanza, Ph.D.
Adrian Vella, M.D.


NIH public access policy requires that all publications that result from NIH funding be uploaded to PubMed Central. Review the process for uploading publications.

Awardees must cite the Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core grant as a funding source in any resulting publications. Use this language:

This publication was made possible by Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Resource Core through grant number U24DK100469 from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and originates from the National Institutes of Health Director's Common Fund.

For additional P&F funding opportunities, visit the other RCMRCs: