Wellness Studies

The Integrative Medicine and Health Research Program conducts research that can help point the way for patients to enhance their personal health and well-being. Research focuses on the synergy of multiple elements — such as nutrition, activity, stress management and social support — in promoting health and wellness.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials to better understand environmental impacts on health and patients' experiences include:

  • Effects of office environments on workers' health. Led by Brent A. Bauer, M.D., researchers are studying how lighting, sounds and temperature in offices affect employees' health. Learn more or enroll.
  • Gut health of athletes who participated in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Dr. Bauer also leads an observational study to investigate athletes' exposure to disease-causing and other organisms while participating in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The study also compares the stool and blood analysis and presence of abnormal cell structures in Olympic athletes to that of other elite athletes. Learn more or enroll.
  • Patient experience in cancer care. Jon C. Tilburt, M.D., is the principal investigator in an observational study to assess communication between cancer clinicians, patients and primary care clinicians by describing real-time consultations between patients and their clinicians. Learn more or enroll.