Imaging Data Management

The Imaging Core has an information system infrastructure that enables the transfer, storage, organization and management of PKD-related images. This open, easily accessible database allows participating investigators to correlate imaging data and results with a variety of genetic, pharmaceutical and clinical parameters.

The database includes electronic and hard copy methods of exchanging images with any interested participating investigator in the United States.

Image collection

For image collection, the core utilizes a secure, open-source software package — the Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) — developed and supported by the Radiological Society of North America.

The CTP software consists of two components. One part is installed and operated at remote sites that perform the imaging, and the other part runs in the Imaging Core. Before images are transferred from the remote site, protected patient health information is removed, proper study identifiers are inserted, and the data is encrypted. Once the Imaging Core receives the images, they are decrypted and ready for analysis.

Imaging data collection in the core is done in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Radiology Informatics Laboratory.


Email us for more information about PKD imaging data management services offered through the Imaging Core.