Seminar and Lecture Series

The Clinical Immunology and Immunotherapeutics Program (CIIP) is an initiative in recognition of the importance of immunology to the practice of medicine. CIIP is dedicated to advancing translational research in understanding and treating immune-based diseases, providing a structure for education in clinical immunology and stimulating practice innovations.

Most importantly, the program strives to provide a multidisciplinary forum for investigators and clinicians who treat patients with inflammatory and immunological diseases to study the pathogenesis of these diseases and develop new treatments. To fulfill the goal, CIIP launched two programs in 2005, including a Clinical Immunology Seminar Series and Clinical Immunology Lectures in Medical Grand Rounds.

Clinical Immunology Seminar Series

Monthly meetings are held at Guggenheim 1598 and run from 7:15-8:30 a.m., followed by a question-and-answer session and open discussion from 8:15-8:30 a.m. The primary goal of this seminar series is to provide a venue for basic and clinical investigators and physicians interested in immune-mediated diseases to interact and exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Speaker list for CIIP Seminar Series in 2011

  • Jan. 6: Canceled
  • Feb. 3: Canceled
  • March 3: Nisha Shankar, MBBS
  • April 14: Canceled
  • May 12: Canceled
  • June 2: Tobias Peikert, M.D.
  • July 7: To be determined
  • Aug. 4: Patricio Escalante, M.D.
  • Sept. 1: To be determined
  • Oct. 6: To be determined
  • Nov. 3: To be determined
  • Dec. 8: To be determined

Clinical immunology lectures

These lectures will generally be delivered to Department of Medicine faculty three times a year. Established physician-scientists and investigators in clinical immunology will be invited to visit Mayo. The dates and location will be announced.