Header image for the Mayo Clinic Center for Tobacco Free Living

Mayo Clinic’s Center for Tobacco-Free Living is a 1,000-square-foot facility featuring interactive displays, video, informative illustrations, and a large Zebrafish display that helps explain the link between genetics and tobacco dependence. Tobacco Treatment Specialists are available on-site to answer questions and schedule consultations.

The Tobacco-Free Living Center’s primary goal is to support those seeking information about and/or treatment for tobacco dependence by providing:

  • Research-based information that describes the biological basis for tobacco dependence. This information explains why some people have more difficulty than others when trying to quit using tobacco
  • Personal stories from patients who became tobacco-free
  • Information about the most effective treatment methods
  • Easy access to treatment

In addition to helping people to stop smoking, Mayo Clinic has conducted more than 180 research studies on tobacco use and treatments in the last 20 years and quickly translates what we learn into better patient care. Mayo’s team has also provided education to thousands of health care providers to enhance their skills for helping people to stop smoking.

Most people who use tobacco want to stop. But, without treatment, only 3 to 5 percent of quit attempts are successful. Treatment greatly increases the chances of successfully quitting. Approximately, 30 percent of patients treated at Mayo Clinic are tobacco-free one year later.