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Regenerative Medicine in Patient Care

Regenerative medicine-based services are available to patients, including a consult service and one of the country's largest transplant centers.

Simple hip decompression

Teams composed of bone specialists, biologists and engineers at Mayo Clinic are investigating the potential of simple hip decompression, a new regenerative technique, for patients with early-stage osteonecrosis of the hip.

William J. von Liebig Center for Transplantation and Clinical Regeneration

Transplant medicine laid much of the groundwork for the field of regenerative medicine. Today, transplantation (replacement) is one of the three approaches being studied and applied by the Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics to restore tissue and organ function.

Mayo Clinic has the largest and most experienced transplant practice in the United States. In total, Mayo's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota perform more than 1,500 solid organ and bone marrow transplants each year. Staff members skilled in more than a dozen specialties work together to ensure quality care and successful recovery.