Mayo Clinic Bioservices supports a customized approach to sample processing, storage and management.

Investment in automation ensures sample integrity.

Laboratory Services

Mayo Clinic Bioservices' facility in Rochester, Minnesota, was designed and constructed specifically to support a customized approach to sample processing, storage and management. The facility houses storage solutions including conventional minus 80 C freezers, liquid nitrogen and the use of several robotic freezer systems. Mayo Clinic Bioservices is currently configured to store up to 70 million specimens.

The facility was designed to support Mayo Clinic Bioservices' objectives:

  • Superior efficiency
  • Ability to meet the needs of the smallest storage project to the largest in scope
  • Increased standardization of procedures and processes

Whether you're working with a single sample or millions, Mayo Clinic Bioservices will process and store it safely and retrieve it when you need it.

Biospecimen processing

Mayo Clinic Bioservices is capable of processing over 1 million samples a year. Biospecimen processing services include:

  • Consultation on study-specific needs
  • Biospecimen accessioning
  • Electronic biospecimen tracking in Mayo Clinic Bioservices' LIMS system
  • DNA and RNA extraction and quantification
  • Processing of blood and bodily fluids
  • PBMC processing
  • Access to clinical laboratory processing through Mayo Clinic Laboratories (CLIA)
  • Sample storage and sample management

Downstream services include gene expression, genotyping, next generation sequencing, proteomics and cytogenetics through Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine.

Biospecimen storage

Safety and integrity are the bottom line for biospecimen storage at Mayo Clinic Bioservices. Team members' own research backgrounds give them a profound understanding of how high-quality research depends upon the safety and integrity of the samples in a collection.

To keep samples secure and intact, Mayo emphasizes state-of-the-art technology, passing the high Mayo Clinic standard of quality directly to clients and enhancing the integrity of their research. Security and versatility features include:

  • Extensive range of storage options. Storage environments range from ambient temperature to minus 80 C to liquid nitrogen.
  • Customized biospecimen storage solutions. Researchers can select options that best meet their unique research needs.
  • Full program to assure business continuity. Mayo Clinic Bioservices has a robust business continuity plan that ensures continuance of critical sample processing and storage services if faced with an emergency. The response plan outlines steps that will be taken if the facility's ability to deliver services is compromised — for example, in case of damage to physical infrastructure, loss of power or network connectivity, unforeseen reduction in staffing levels due to an epidemic or pandemic, or supply chain interruptions.

    Mayo Clinic Bioservices' business continuity plan is reviewed annually and practiced quarterly.

Shipping solutions

Mayo Clinic Bioservices offers cost-effective and secure sample shipment supported by a national network of courier services, as well as kit building. Domestic or international, from one tube to millions, Mayo Clinic Bioservices will handle it for you.

Mayo Clinic Bioservices staff is International Air Transport Association (IATA) trained, and can prepare samples for both domestic shipment and for transit to destinations worldwide. Staff members work with a variety of courier services to send samples through the Rochester International Airport (RST) in Rochester, Minnesota.

Samples can be shipped at ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures.

Pathology services

Pathology services available from Mayo Clinic Bioservices include:

  • Tissue handling of paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and frozen samples
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Custom optimization of new antibodies
  • Tissue microarray (TMA) construction
  • Digital imaging and analysis