Cancer Serum Biobank

The Cancer Serum Biobank is a high-quality collection of serum samples representing 85 malignant and benign diagnoses. It contains more than 23,000 specimens from approximately 16,000 Mayo Clinic patients. Characteristics of the Cancer Serum Biobank include:

  • Participants are 47% female, 53% male
  • Control samples include serum from:
    • Healthy patients
    • Patients with non-tumor disease
  • Serum from patients with tumor disease include:
    • Benign
    • Malignant
    • Malignant with no evidence of disease

Scientists looking for cancer biomarkers can find the solution for their research needs with the Mayo Clinic Cancer Serum Biobank. Key aspects of the biobank include:

  • 85 malignant and benign conditions, plus normal controls
  • Pre-treatment samples
  • Blood serum from 17,000 Mayo Clinic patients
  • Diagnosis and treatment data
  • ICDO morphology grade, CPDS stage and status of tumor at time of draw, where applicable
  • Collected between 1975 to 1990
  • Superb quality standard
  • Test samples available
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved
Bar graph showing characteristics of the Cancer Serum Biobank

Characteristics of the Cancer Serum Biobank at Mayo Clinic