Support Immunology and Immune Therapies Research

People with complex diseases come to Mayo Clinic for answers. A vital component of these answers is understanding how the immune system facilitates health and disease in a wide range of conditions — such as cancer, autoimmunity, organ transplant response and more.

In the same way that immunology cuts across the disease spectrum, Mayo Clinic's Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies comprises programs that extend beyond the boundaries of discipline-specific departments or divisions. Instead, the center spans Mayo's three shields of research, education and patient care to discover, translate and disseminate knowledge in an integrated manner, all for the benefit of patients.

The vision is to:

  • Develop and test new ways to elucidate individual differences in immunity
  • Advance preclinical production and testing of new therapies
  • Uncover and better understand the immune and inflammatory responses that impact patient care
  • Educate the next generation of researchers

Your gift to the Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies supports researchers as they evaluate new ideas in the laboratory and test resulting therapies in patients. In this way, your gift is a catalyst for discovery and hope.

For more information, contact a Mayo Clinic development officer today at or call toll-free 800-297-1185.

In the last 25 years, biomedical researchers, especially in immunology, have made significant advancements that are impacting patients today through new therapies, tests and clinical trials. However, the decline in federal support for biomedical research has made private funding crucial to realizing more hope for more patients. With your support, the Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies can maintain and even accelerate this pace by expanding knowledge, refining the understanding of recent gains and sharing discoveries across all medical disciplines.

Gifts of all sizes help. Join us in advancing scientific discovery and therapies for people in need. Learn how your donation can make a difference today.