Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Program

This is one of 10 operational programs within the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and was rated outstanding in the 2008 competitive renewal of the Cancer Center Support Grant by the National Cancer Institute. The program has a focused research portfolio bridging the following areas:

  • Discovery of mechanisms regulating the development and transformation of immune system cells
  • Pathways and molecules regulating immune responsiveness
  • Preclinical studies of cancer immunology and immunotherapy using animal models
  • Clinical studies of human malignancies detected in the immune system
  • Immune therapy shown in cancer patients

Collaborations made possible through the center assist researchers in developing new immune-modulating interventions that treat not only cancer but also restore health to damaged tissues, slow the effects of aging and treat a multitude of other diseases.

Focus areas Faculty
Anti-tumor vaccines
Breast cancer
Leukemias and lymphomas
Lung cancers
  • Tobias Peikert, M.D.
Oncolytic viral-based therapies
Ovarian cancer
Prostate cancer
Traditional chemotherapies as immune modulators