Basic Immunology Program

Basic scientific research in immunology is the primary mission of the Department of Immunology and the Ph.D. training program of Mayo Graduate School. The Basic Immunology Program brings together career scientists and clinical investigators who conduct studies seeking to understand the normal mechanisms underlying immune functions in the body. These studies are laboratory-based, using model systems, cultured cell lines or normal human cells to discern novel insights into the regulatory machinery governing the immune system.

This program includes researchers with primary appointments in other basic science departments (for example, biochemistry and molecular biology, neuroscience, and molecular medicine) whose areas of interest intersect with the immune system. The research assures a high level of scientific innovation and discovery is integrated into all center initiatives. Likewise, program studies benefit from input made by clinical colleagues who define important unanswered questions related to patient care. A friendly dialogue helps translate these basic discovers in a timely matter.

Focus areas Faculty
Immune-based preventions and treatments Immune monitoring
Immune cell activation and signal transduction
Immune cell and molecular biology
Genetics Immune recognition