Research in immunology and immune therapies is central to Mayo Clinic's priorities of inventing, teaching and practicing the medicine of tomorrow. The Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies provides cohesion for effective research collaborations and multidisciplinary training focused on the immune system. The center aims to unify leadership around immunology research and engage teams of clinicians and researchers in innovative partnerships, while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies brings together clinical and research personnel from multiple medical disciplines across Mayo Clinic. Clinicians and investigators have individual expertise in specific diseases, organ systems and immune response pathways, yet share a mutual commitment to solving problems together. Thus, the center helps improve the understanding of the immune system for the benefit of all patients.

The center strives to build a collaborative environment and a communications infrastructure so that knowledge gained anywhere across the institution can be leveraged to develop new and better treatment paradigms. The center's research priorities emphasize advancement of immune mechanisms that promote normal growth and healthy aging, and collaboration to restore hope through new cures.

The center has its roots in longstanding Mayo Clinic research areas:

As each of these programs evolves to reshape its primary focus, the Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies continues to promote opportunities for members to network across traditional departmental and programmatic boundaries. Together, the efforts of these groups enhance each of Mayo Clinic's shields: patient care, education and research.