Mixed Methods Research


The Mixed Methods Research concentration prepares scholars to:

  • Describe and implement key techniques in qualitative research
  • Differentiate between mixed method and multimethod research
  • Identify and explain key ethical issues associated with mixed methods research, such as those associated with community-engaged research
  • Develop mixed methods research protocols to answer research questions of interest
  • Critically evaluate published research in the mixed methods space, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and future directions

Concentration leader

Required credits

Course Number Course Title Credits
CTSC 5810 Qualitative Research Design, Methods, and Analysis 1
CTSC 5815 Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research for Translational Science 2
CTSC 5820 Introduction to Survey Research 1
Choose one credit of the following:
CTSC 5263 Ethical Issues in Population Health Science 1
CTSC 5720 Clinical Trials: Design and Conduct 1
CTSC 5860 Behavioral Interventions in Clinical Trials 1
CTSC 5900 Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy 1
CTSC 5940 Secondary Data Analysis 1
Total 5