Career Development Plan Review Criteria

Reviewers will critique your career development plan based on their personal experience and understanding of the goals of the KL2 Mentored Career Development Program. In addition to general critiques, they will provide specific suggestions for revisions based on these criteria.

  • Multidisciplinary characteristics. Is there evidence of a multidisciplinary, team-based approach? Does the career plan incorporate elements of a multidisciplinary approach? Will the applicant gain experience in building the relationships necessary to assemble and lead a research team?
  • Environment. Is the proposed environment, such as the mentors and facilities, appropriate for a clinical research training experience? Is there a clear plan for the mentors, including the frequency of meetings? Can these mentors provide the environment necessary to carry out the proposed research experience? Is the composition of the thesis committee appropriate?
  • Didactics. Is the proposed didactic curriculum appropriate for the career goals of the scholar? Is it feasible? Are there other courses or experiences that the scholar should consider?
  • Research pre-proposal. Is there an appropriate pre-proposal for a research practicum experience? Will the proposed project provide a good research training experience? Will it significantly add to the current scientific repertoire of the scholar? Could the project provide significant preliminary data and momentum for future extramural funding? Will it lead to research independence from the mentor? Is the proposed timeline feasible?
  • Overall assessment. Overall, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the career development plan? What changes would you recommend?