Individualized Medicine


The Individualized Medicine concentration provides scholars with the skills to apply omic data to a broad range of clinical studies, including the development of scientific knowledge into clinical science and the translation of clinical science into practice. Courses prepare scholars to:

  • Use genetic data interpretation tools
  • Apply omic data to advance the science of disease prediction and prevention
  • Apply genetic principles to explore therapeutic decision-making
  • Evaluate ethical, legal, and social implications of precision medicine

Concentration leader

Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.

Required credits

Course number Course title Credits
CTSC 5340 Ethical Issues in Individualized Medicine 1
CTSC 5400 Introduction to Bioinformatics Concepts and Core Technologies for Individualized Medicine Approaches 1
CTSC 5410 Molecular Variant Evaluation 1
CTSC 6160 Genomic Analysis and Data Interpretation for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases 2
  Total 5