Administrative Core

The Administrative Core serves as the organizational hub of the Breast Cancer SPORE. It provides organizational and communications support for SPORE leadership, research projects, scientific cores, the Developmental Research Program and the Career Enhancement Program.

Specifically, the Administrative Core:

  • Maximizes breast cancer translational research by providing leadership and oversight of the SPORE research projects and cores.
  • Facilitates activities of the SPORE Executive Committee by organizing meetings and developing material related to oversight and programmatic development.
  • Organizes meetings of the SPORE's Breast Advocacy Advisory Committee and facilitates collaborations between the advocacy committee and advocates at other SPOREs.
  • Organizes scientific meetings and meetings of the SPORE's Scientific Advisory Committee, the External Advisory Committee, the Operations Committee and key personnel.
  • Provides administrative support to the directors of the Developmental Research Program and Career Enhancement Program.
  • Coordinates and facilitates investigator participation in National Cancer Institute translational science meetings and the Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium.
  • Monitors, manages and coordinates fiscal activities.
  • Serves as a liaison among the Breast SPORE, the National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic.
  • Identifies and facilitates development of collaborations among breast SPOREs.
  • Prepares reports about SPORE activities, including annual progress reports and the competitive grant renewal application.
  • Coordinates visiting scientists.

Core leadership

Breast Advocacy Advisory Committee

The Breast Cancer SPORE is fortunate to have a group of advocates with a strong commitment to SPORE advocacy in breast cancer. These advocates play a crucial role in the SPORE through the Breast Advocacy Advisory Committee, which is part of the Administrative Core.

The committee's vision is to bring the patient voice to the research table and to help researchers reach patient communities. The committee ensures that the patient perspective is integrated into all aspects of SPORE research, including assigning patient advocates to each research project.

The Breast Advocacy Advisory Committee chair is Cynthia Chauhan and the co-chair is Mary Lou Smith.

Contact information:

  • Cynthia Chauhan
  • Mary Lou Smith