Pathology and Tissue Procurement Core

The Pathology and Tissue Procurement Core within the Mayo Clinic Brain Cancer SPORE acquires human biospecimens and distributes them to SPORE investigators for use in translational glioma and brain cancer research studies.

Specifically, the Pathology and Tissue Procurement Core:

  • Provides a centralized resource dedicated to procuring and processing tumor tissue for translational research from nearly every patient with newly diagnosed or relapsed primary central nervous system tumors who receives care at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
  • Coordinates the acquisition and timely distribution of brain tumor tissue in excess of clinical diagnosis, ensuring the appropriate diagnosis and the quality of tissue
  • Provides a comprehensive histologic characterization of all tissue samples used in individual Brain Cancer SPORE projects and provides expert interpretation of studies performed on paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections
  • Offers comprehensive services, including immunohistochemical characterization of biomarkers, tissue microarray design and construction, and DNA and RNA extraction
  • Maintains and enhances a repository of tumor tissue and matched blood specimens in conjunction with the Clinical Research Core
  • Promotes and facilitates sharing tissue resources with other brain cancer SPOREs in the United States

Core leadership

The director of the Pathology and Tissue Procurement Core is: