Biostatistics and Informatics Core

The Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core is responsible for all core-related analytical activities for each of the research projects in the Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE.

The SPORE projects span a wide range of analytical areas that include clinical trial-focused studies, associated lab-based correlative studies and next-generation sequencing (NGS) genomics studies. Scientists in the core provide oversight of all SPORE-related statistical and bioinformatics activities and coordinate and combine efforts on each project.

The core supports investigators with management of phase I clinical trials, determining the optimal design, defining data that should be collected, and creating and implementing an appropriate analysis plan. The core oversees collection and management of the clinical information required by each study.

The core also assists SPORE investigators with analysis and interpretation of genomics and proteomics data. It helps amplify internal and external sources of biological information to promote cancer discoveries that will improve patient care. Bioinformatics leverages the large set of genomics analytical capabilities developed by Mayo Clinic's Institutional Bioinformatics Program for the pre-processing of NGS RNA-seq and DNA-seq data.

Core leaders

Co-leaders of the Biostatistics and Informatics Core are: