Biospecimens and Clinical Database Core

The Biospecimens and Clinical Database Core supports all four research projects in the Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE and is responsible for sample collection, processing, tracking and allocation.

The core also provides services that include integration of gene expression profiling (GEP), next-generation sequencing, FISH and flow cytometry, further enriching the data associated with each patient.

The Biospecimens and Clinical Database Core coordinates data collection, database development and maintenance, and data quality control. It provides a mechanism of consistent and compatible data handling, facilitating management of collected data and integration with data from existing Mayo Clinic resources.

The core generates and completes data-mining projects using existing clinical data, including exploration of flow-cytometry, FISH and GEP. By amassing so much clinical data in one system, ideas for data-mining projects abound.

The focus during the next five-year SPORE grant period includes exploring the roles of six-color peripheral blood flow cytometry and eight-color bone marrow flow cytometry in the biological and genomic characteristics of multiple myeloma.

Core leaders

Co-leaders of the Biospecimens and Clinical Database Core are: