Administrative Core

The Administrative Core in the Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE provides the organizational infrastructure necessary to promote research in multiple myeloma and to expedite the translation of discoveries into new and better methods for the clinical management of multiple myeloma, ultimately helping improve patient outcomes.

The core facilitates activities of the Multiple Myeloma SPORE by providing leadership, financial management and an administrative structure designed to efficiently coordinate the activities of the SPORE projects and cores and of the Developmental Research Program and the Career Enhancement Program.

The Administrative Core:

  • Provides leadership, organizational support and financial management for SPORE investigators
  • Coordinates communication and collaboration within Mayo Clinic, including support for the exchange of ideas among investigators, for the design of new projects and for reports on translational research findings
  • Shares SPORE research findings with the scientific community at large and the public
  • Provides leadership and organizational support for internal and external review for SPORE research projects
  • Provides structure for the establishment and nurturing of collaborations to facilitate and expand multiple myeloma research at Mayo Clinic and with other SPOREs
  • Works closely with SPORE patient advocates to ensure they are aware of SPORE progress and are able to provide input at all levels
  • Fosters trainee development
  • Communicates with the National Cancer Institute about SPORE activities

Core leaders

Co-leaders of the Administrative Core are: