Tissue Core

The Tissue Core within the Pancreatic Cancer SPORE is responsible for accessioning and processing new biospecimens and making them available for use in the SPORE's translational research projects and as needed for the Developmental Research and Career Enhancement programs.

The Tissue Core provides sample accessioning and pathology support for early-phase clinical trials as needed in these projects. In addition, the development of patient-derived organoids (PDOs) is embedded within the Tissue Core. Patient-derived organoids are used by SPORE investigators to interrogate genetic mutations associated with a patient's own tumor and sensitivity to small molecule inhibitors and chemotherapy.

Requests for biospecimens are reviewed by the Biospecimen Access Committee for Pancreatic Cancer (BACPaC), with consideration given primarily to scientific merit and availability of specimens and their associated data needed for analysis.

The Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center's Pathology Research Core provides expertise and service for immunohistochemistry, laser capture microdissection, tissue microarray preparation and digital imaging.

The Cancer Center's Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Core is the primary site for accessioning and standardized processing of blood, frozen tissue and other nonparaffin-embedded specimens collected specifically for research.

New methodologies for biospecimen collection, processing and analysis are developed in the Tissue Core. These methodologies are shared with other Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center SPORE tissue cores and integrated with services offered by the Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Core and the Pathology Research Core.

Activities in the Tissue Core are closely coordinated with the Pancreatic Cancer SPORE's Clinical Research Core and with the Biostatistics Core to provide a seamless link between clinical annotations and research biospecimens.


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Tissue availability

The Tissue Core also makes biospecimens available to the pancreatic cancer research community to stimulate translational research and improve the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

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Requesting access

To request access to biospecimens, email Daniel D. Billadeau, Ph.D.