Clinical Research Core

The Clinical Research Core within the Pancreatic Cancer SPORE combines the SPORE's patient registry activities with activities that support clinical studies being conducted in the SPORE's four translational research projects.

The directors of the Clinical Research Core have extensive experience in the study and recruitment of patients to research protocols, both for observational studies and clinical trials.

Using ultrarapid case finding, the SPORE's patient registry has accrued more than 15,000 participants since 2002. In addition, each year Mayo Clinic diagnoses or treats an estimated 850 patients with pancreatic cancer across its three campuses.

The Clinical Research Core also coordinates its activities closely with the Biostatistics Core and the Tissue Core to ensure the highest quality annotated biospecimens and pancreatic cancer database for research.

The close coordination and oversight of the most senior leaders of the SPORE ensures that all clinical research activities are performed with the highest level of research integrity and adherence to all human subject regulations.

The Clinical Research Core:

  • Performs clinical trial management support activities
  • Centrally coordinates all activities with the infrastructure of the Cancer Center Clinical Research Office to ensure smooth execution of the SPORE's early-phase clinical trials
  • Performs all patient recruitment activities for clinical trials in the SPORE projects
  • Maintains the ultrarapid case recruitment and registry of patients with pancreatic cancer
  • Serves as a resource for future projects in the Developmental Research Program and the Career Enhancement Program


The directors of the Clinical Research Core are: