Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Core in the Pancreatic Cancer SPORE provides statistical collaboration and data management support for SPORE research projects, the Developmental Research Program, the Career Enhancement Program and other cores within the SPORE.

The Biostatistics Core builds on the innovative and time-tested procedures and systems developed by Mayo Clinic, one of the largest statistical groups in the country.

The Biostatistics Core:

  • Designs and processes data collection forms
  • Develops, maintains and manages database entry systems
  • Implements quality-control measures to ensure high-quality data for analysis
  • Integrates existing and newly collected data using consistent and compatible data handling, including clinical, pathological, diagnostic, biospecimen and genomic data
  • Complements and assists the efforts of the SPORE's Clinical Research Core and Tissue Core by providing superior data management based on experience with tissue registries
  • Develops study designs and statistical analysis plans
  • Analyzes data using state-of-the-art techniques and provides interpretation of results
  • Assists in abstract and manuscript preparation
  • Provides statistical support across different fields, including molecular epidemiology, basic translational science, immunology, correlative studies, gene microarray and imaging, clinical trials, gene and mutation discovery, information management, and bioinformatics


The director of the Biostatistics Core is:

The project collaborators are: