Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides leadership, time management and fiscal management for the Hepatobiliary SPORE. The core also maintains continuous communication within the SPORE, supporting relationships across research projects and other cores.

Specifically, the Administrative Core:

  • Provides overall guidance to Hepatobiliary SPORE investigators and facilitates constructive feedback from the SPORE internal advisory board, external advisory board, National Cancer Institute and patient advocates (see the organizational structure chart below)
  • Integrates the Hepatobiliary SPORE within Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center and throughout the rest of Mayo Clinic
  • Supports SPORE investigators, the Biospecimen and Pathology Core and the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core by assisting with daily operations, problem-solving, and encouraging collaborations both within and outside the SPORE
  • Provides administrative support for the Developmental Research Program and the Career Enhancement Program within the Hepatobiliary SPORE
  • Coordinates communication about Hepatobiliary SPORE research developments to Mayo Clinic, SPORE researchers, the National Cancer Institute, the scientific community at large, patient advocates and the public

Core leaders

Head and shoulders photograph of Michelle H. Van Hee

Michelle H. Van Hee
Program Manager

Head and shoulders photograph of John R. Henley, Ph.D.

John R. Henley, Ph.D.
Research Administrator

SPORE organizational structure

Chart showing the organizational structure of the Hepatobiliary SPORE