Keynote speaker

Michael Joyner, M.D.

Michael Joyner, M.D., Celebration of Research keynote speaker

I'm excited to be the keynote speaker at the 2017 Celebration of Research, hosted by Mayo Clinic. As a high school student and early in college, my curiosity was piqued about understanding how the body responds to exercise — and my interest on that topic continues to this very day.

While I'm an anesthesiologist in the clinic, my research interests include the nervous system's control over blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing in response to stressors, such as exercise and heart failure. By studying the body's normal response and how it's affected by stress and disease, my research team is learning how to keep the body healthy and help it adapt to the demands of life.

I'm also using data from real-world competitive athletes to understand the body's limits. This information is contributing to our understanding of how aging and fitness influence brain function.

Research is a fascinating journey — one that has led to many exciting discoveries for better treatments for devastating illness and disease. My keynote address, "Faster, Higher, Stronger: Science and Human Performance," focuses on the physiology and other attributes of world record-holding athletes.

I encourage you to visit my research laboratory website, read my research profile and at least one of my publications prior to the event.

I look forward to your participation in the Mayo Clinic 2017 Celebration of Research.

  • Michael Joyner, M.D., Professor of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic
    • Keynote speaker, 2017 Celebration of Research