CAN Quit Study

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Mayo Clinic want to learn how to help Alaska Native people who want to stop smoking.

The CAN Quit Study is an interventional Mayo Clinic trial to test a culturally relevant, Facebook-delivered intervention to promote smoking treatment uptake and cessation among Alaska Native people who smoke.

CAN Quit study overview

American Indians/Alaska Natives have the highest prevalence of cigarette smoking compared to all other racial/ethnic groups in the United States.

The CAN Quit study stands for Connecting Alaska Native People to Quit Smoking (IRB #17-009947 / NIDA funded # R34DA046008-01).

The principal investigator for the CAN Quit study at Mayo Clinic is Christi Patten, Ph.D., a consultant in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, who focuses on developing novel, theory-based behavioral interventions for tobacco cessation.

Participants take part in a phone interview for up to one hour to offer their opinions on content created for a Facebook group. The group connects Alaska Native people who want to stop smoking.

Study eligibility

To participate in the research study, you must be an Alaska Native person (based on self-reported race/ethnicity) who resides in Alaska. You must also:

  • Be 19 years or older
  • Be willing to use Facebook
  • Have internet access
  • Be currently smoking
  • Be willing to try quitting
  • Not currently be in a smoking cessation program

Contact information

For more information about the CAN Quit study at Mayo Clinic, email the research team or call 833-874-2522 (toll-free).