Biomathematical Resource

The expertise of the current members of the BMR lie in the areas of mathematical modeling, image processing, and machine learning algorithms such as neural networks.

The Biomathematics Resource (BMR) was established in September, 1992 to provide advanced mathematics and computer science expertise to research programs and to the Mayo community as a whole. The BMR is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Establish collaborations with Mayo investigators and/or clinicians on projects which require advanced mathematical and/or computational methods.
  • Develop new methodologies that will aid Mayo researchers and clinicians and make these readily available.
  • Provide expertise in mathematical and computational methods in the sense of consulting, answering questions, understanding the literature, and being a resource to the Mayo community.
  • Provide courses within the Mayo Graduate School in mathematical and computational methodology
  • Promote in the Mayo environment successful new mathematical models, algorithms or computational methods developed elsewhere.
  • Transfer technologies within Mayo: become familiar with the capabilities of various groups, and be able to recognize when mathematical or computational techniques developed in one group will be of use somewhere else.