Somaira Nowsheen

Thesis lab

Zhenkun Lou, Ph.D.

Research project

My research involves studying how dysregulation in the DNA damage response pathway leads to genomic instability and cancer predisposition. I am also studying how cells decide what DNA repair pathway to follow.

Because defective DNA damage response is linked to tumorigenesis, this project will help us understand how cancer arises and, more importantly, how to either prevent or treat it. Moreover, cancer therapies typically involve agents that induce DNA damage. Thus, a detailed understanding of the DNA damage response pathway and its defects in cancer will help us design targeted therapies.

As this is an underexplored area in the field of DNA damage response, successful completion of this study will significantly advance our understanding of the temporal and spatial regulation of DNA damage response and has the potential to reveal important insight into molecular oncogenesis and cancer therapy.

Nov. 12, 2015