Pengfei Song

  • Advisers: James F. Greenleaf, Ph.D. (thesis adviser), and Shigao Chen, Ph.D.
  • Area of emphasis: Biomedical imaging
  • Research area: Ultrasound shear elastography

My work in comb-push ultrasound shear elastography (CUSE) introduced a novel push method for shear wave generation that addresses the big challenge of weak tissue motion and push beam artifacts encountered in shear wave elastography.

Mayo provides a great environment and opportunities for translational research and clinical collaborations, which are essential for biomedical engineering researchers, including us as graduate students.

A lot of my research ideas come from patient studies and conversations with physicians, where I learn the issues and challenges and then go back to the lab and figure out how to tackle them. I like my lab very much. I've really enjoyed being a part of this team of great scientists and mentors who help you when you need it but also let you work independently and learn hands on.


  • Seven journal articles
  • 15 conference proceedings
  • Four world or U.S. patents pending
  • First noninvasive in vivo measurement of cardiac stiffness with ultrasound
Dec. 06, 2013