Glenda Mueller

I was born and raised in Rochester, Minn. As I was growing up, I knew I wanted to stay in Rochester and that I would some day work at Mayo Clinic.

My first 11 years at Mayo were spent working in Gastroenterology. I thoroughly enjoyed working with patients and doing my part to help make sure they received the best care possible. Some patients would come to Mayo quite frequently while others would come only once a year for their annual physical exams. Many of these people got to be like extended family for me. Even though I loved my job in Gastroenterology, after 11 years I decided I needed a change and new challenges.

I transferred to Education. It didn't take long for me to discover I really missed patients and the daily interaction I had with them. A year later, I accepted a new position working with Mayo's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program for college undergraduates. I found that the students filled my patient void and I have been in this position ever since.

Our program provides young people with an opportunity to experience cutting-edge biomedical research first hand. Each year 700-950 students apply for roughly 100 positions in our program. Our appointees are quite diverse coming from all across the U.S. and even the world. Many have never had the opportunity to conduct their own small research project and consider their time at Mayo a dream come true.

It is incredibly rewarding to play a part in helping to provide such opportunities to the next generation of biomedical researchers.

Dec. 07, 2011