Gayla L. Poling, Ph.D.

Gayla L. Poling, Ph.D., is the director of Adult and Pediatric Diagnostics in the Division of Audiology at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota.

She received her undergraduate and master's training in speech and hearing science from The Ohio State University and completed her clinical fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital. She practiced as a clinical audiologist at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester prior to returning to Ohio State where she earned a Ph.D. in hearing science. She completed postdoctoral training focused on translational research at the Medical University of South Carolina and Northwestern University.

Most recently, Dr. Poling provided support as a research audiologist to the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence. Her current research interest is on developing diagnostic tools focused on the early detection and prevention of hearing loss due to aging, noise and other environmental factors (ototoxicity).

Nov. 04, 2016