Amanda L. Huff

  • Adviser: Undecided (first-year student)
  • Areas of emphasis: Molecular virology and oncolytics
  • Research area: Undecided

What are your research interests?

The research I am interested in is the molecular biology of viral infection and viral-host interactions. Further, I want to use the knowledge of these interactions for therapeutic applications such as oncolytic therapy.

Why did you choose Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' Virology and Gene Therapy track?

I was drawn to the scientific atmosphere at Mayo Clinic. During my interviews, it was clear that both the students and faculty members have a true passion for the research being done here. There is a feeling of collaboration within the school that is unlike any other institution.

The Virology and Gene Therapy track was attractive to me because there is such a variety of innovative virology research. There are labs focused on understanding the molecular biology of viruses and labs looking to use viruses as platforms for vaccination, oncolytic therapy and gene therapy.

I chose the Virology and Gene Therapy track because of the diversity of outstanding research, the leading faculty and the enthusiasm everyone has to be a part of the program.


  • Poster presented at: American Society for Virology Annual Meeting; 2015; London, Ontario, Canada.
Nov. 17, 2015