Academic Success Advising and Disability Services

Our learners come first

We provide many services to help learners become successful both inside and outside of the classroom. Following closely in the footsteps of Mayo Clinic's primary value — the needs of the patient come first — success advisers focus on you, the learner.

Our goal is to help every learner be successful. We strive to make our partnership accessible and enriching, taking the demands of your learner life into consideration.


Our services are available to all learners in the five schools within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science at all Mayo Clinic campuses. Learners seeking support work with an academic success adviser or the disability coordinator to identify needs and establish individualized short-term and long-term action plans and services that promote academic, personal and career accomplishment.

Additionally, success advising includes support and encouragement. Learners may need support for emotional issues or learning differences, at which times learners are referred to appropriate resources.

Learners may contact us to receive support for:

  • Accommodations necessary to academic success
  • Advocacy for academic coaching for students with disabilities
  • Liaison services for students and faculty
  • Time management
  • Learning and reading strategies
  • Study skills and test preparation
  • Creating and maintaining effective study groups
  • Stress management
  • Learning differences
  • Peer tutoring

Individual, small group and workshop sessions are available and are offered at all campuses. Individual contacts are made in person, over the phone, and through teleconference or email. You may personally request services or may be referred by program faculty.

Academic advising does not include course content-specific support. Peer tutors are available, and learners who experience difficulty will be referred to a tutor or program faculty for assistance.

Our elite educational opportunities are uniquely challenging. For many learners, managing the overall transition to a new environment, demanding academic expectations as well as personal adjustments can truly test confidence and motivation. Academic advising empowers learners by identifying and working through challenges with ownership and provides a firm foundation for success.

Peer tutoring

Peer tutors are available in a variety of content areas. With approval from a course leader, interested learners may complete an online request form to be appropriately matched with a tutor. Our tutors are selected and hired by Mayo Clinic and participate in a tutoring orientation with an academic success adviser prior to working with learners.

Tutoring services are free to all learners enrolled in one of the five schools within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

Successes shared

Many learners have used our services to support their academic, personal and career accomplishments:

  • "We talked and were able to discuss things in what I felt was a friendly, nonjudgmental environment."
  • "I thought my visit was very helpful, and I would definitely go back again. I appreciate that there is an option like this to get help throughout my program."
  • "[My adviser] was awesome, so helpful with my paper and was easy to work with. I have recommended my other classmates to meet with her if they had any problems."
  • "The academic success adviser is a very helpful resource for me as I relearned better study techniques that helped improve my grade."
  • "I felt that I was more prepared for my upcoming exams because I utilized my time more efficiently and studied the material in an improved manner."
Aug. 12, 2016