Medical Scientist Training Program Student Roster


Review the focus areas, mentors and publications of current and former trainees in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Mayo Clinic.

Appointee Mentor Research focus Mayo Clinic publications
Kenneth A. Valles Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Evaluation of vaccine response via systems biology and immunogenetics Publications on PubMed
Aaron E. Rusheen Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Development of novel techniques for stereotactic neuronavigation Publications on PubMed
Joseph A. Panos Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee injury and prevention Publications on PubMed
Dileep D. Monie Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Network mechanisms and bioengineering of regenerative immunotherapies for glioblastoma multiforme Publications on PubMed
Catherine G. Knier Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Mechanisms of retinal neuroprotection in the setting of glaucoma Publications on PubMed
Whitney Barham Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. How macrophages within the tumor microenvironment affect response to anti-PD-1/L1 immune checkpoint blockade Publications on PubMed
Christopher Livia Atta Behfar, M.D., Ph.D. Publications on PubMed
Josiane Joseph Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Investigating the roles of succinate, a metabolite elevated in cancer, on muscle regeneration Publications on PubMed
Susanna N. Basappa Grazia Isaya, M.D., Ph.D. Identifying the mode of detection for optimizing guidelines and early diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breasts Publications on PubMed
Erin M. Triplet Charles L. Howe, Ph.D. Mechanism of inflammation-induced GABAergic neuron death in epilepsy Publications on PubMed
Ryan M. Naylor, M.D., Ph.D. Jan van Deursen, Ph.D. The role of NUP88 overexpression in cellular transformation and tumorigenesis Publications on PubMed
Jacqueline (Jackie) Zayas Liewei Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Publications on PubMed
Eugene S. Bah Kendall H. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. Publications on PubMed