The Tumor Development, Immunology and Progression Laboratory of Peter Storz, Ph.D., at Mayo Clinic investigates the cellular signaling and crosstalk mechanisms that contribute to the tumorigenesis and aggressiveness of pancreatic cancer and invasive breast cancer.

Our lab has two main cancer research projects:

  • Uncovering signaling events underlying the development and progression of pancreatic cancer, with the overall goal to develop early detection methods and novel treatment strategies
  • Uncovering signaling pathways that regulate the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells, with the overall goal of developing combination therapy strategies that are more effective than are current treatments

To help conduct our research, we leverage genetic and orthotopic animal models, 3-D primary explant cell culture, organoid cell culture, and cell co-culture models. We validate data obtained in our studies by using patient tissue and body fluid samples.

About Dr. Storz

Dr. Storz is a professor of cancer biology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Jacksonville, Florida. His research goal is to develop strategies and tools for early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer and metastatic breast cancer.