Dr. Kannan is working to identify cellular and molecular mechanisms that prevent or promote development of faulty progenitors in healthy epithelial tissues and their evolution into malignancies such as breast cancer. Researchers and physicians can contact our lab about our clinical studies and our research on stem cell differentiation processes and the biology of cancer risk.

We also accept applications for training positions. Highly motivated, creative and driven students and postdoc trainees who are interested in pursuing stem cell and cancer biology research and who can further empower the lab through their rigorous learning and dedication can contact us about openings.

Nagarajan Kannan, Ph.D., M.S.

  • Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Laboratory
  • Mayo Clinic
    Stabile Building 2-10
    200 First St. SW
  • Rochester, MN 55905
  • Phone: 507-284-1093
  • Email: