Antimicrobial Agents

Mayo's Infectious Diseases Lab at Mayo Clinic has a long history of in vitro and in vivo investigations of novel antibacterial strategies. With the increase in multidrug-resistant bacteria, often referred to in the lay press as "superbugs," the lab strives to discover strategies to combat this growing trend.

The lab's research team recently evaluated two antibiotics, tedizolid and omadacycline, in an experimental rat model for treatment of osteomyelitis and recently demonstrated activity of novel electrical anti-biofilm approaches both in vitro and in vivo.

The lab is actively investigating antimicrobial clays, nanosponges that deliver essential oils, siderophore compounds and bacteriophages as options for treatment and prevention of infection.

Researchers in the lab are developing new diagnostic assays that help detect and control the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. In addition to laboratory-based studies, the lab's researchers also complete clinical implementation science studies.